Our Culture
Professional Be Good, Look Good, Do Good
• Clean Clothes, Clean Appearance, Clean Living
• Use respectful language: Please, Thank You, Yes Sir/Ma’am  
• Performed work to the best of your ability and expect quality for co-workers
• Protect property with drop cloths and clean up after yourself 
RelationshipsBe a Neighbor
• Be available for questions regarding home maintenance, repair questions, and further consultation
• Care for other’s people property as if it were your own
• Be attentive to our client’s life interests and concerns 
On-Time Be on Time
• Respond to client inquiries within 24 hours
• Provide 2-hour arrival time window
• Notify clients within 30 minutes of arrival
• Share pictures of end-of-day work and/or completed projects 
Service Be a Servant
• Strive to go above and beyond to meet our clients’ needs
• Do one extra, small thing while on the job site to add value to the client’s life
• Bless others by leaving the home better than you found it